The Marchlandes

Chapter VIII - Treason
Wherein the truth is at last exposed to all.
  • The Hall of the March-meet explodes, knocking Achim Nadir unconscious and the party is taken captive by soldiers and thrown into the Tower.
  • While in the Tower, the party is interrogated by the Inquisitor / Econ the Golden for information on the explosion, as he reveals that Élentys Paros-daughter has pronounced the party guilty of treason for having caused the Hall to explode, killing Paros the Golden and most of the city’s senators. Dagrin Tokaast and Achim are questioned separately.
  • Dagrin is informed of how Achim has betrayed him and how he was sold out to advance Elentys’s political agenda (who in turn betrayed the party as it became convenient), causing Dagrin to confess that Oigri was innocent.
  • Achim is tortured using a magical orb which inflicts physical pain when a lie is told, but still refuses to clear the party’s name and states that Elentys is innocent. The Inquisitor is disgusted with Achim, and reveals to the party that he is Paros’s brother, and he knows for a fact that Elentys planned this entire event to seize power. The Inquisitor then begs Dagrin to head immediately towards the Palace to attempt to slip in and kill Elentys before she assumes power.
Ageutia - Chapter VII - Prizes
Wherein rewards and betrayals are dealt.
  • Furious, Élentys Paros-daughter storms off, dragging the party with her.
  • Dagrin Tokaast is showed the Oigri the Handsome‘s will, and discovers that almost all of Oigri’s estate is now his and he is now one of the richest men in Ageutia.
  • Elentys, feeling she can trust Achim Nadir and use him as a pawn in her political games, reveals that she has been the assassin all along, and has been monitoring Achim via the Opinicus Claw she gave him. Unfazed, Achim has sex with her.
  • Dagrin nearly walks in on them doing it, figures out Elentys is up to no good, and discerns that Achim is lying to him (although he doesn’t realize the full extent of it). With that, the party heads off to find this Rogeri fellow and interrogate him.
  • When they reach Rogeri, a sudden cry for fire at the Palace saps their attention, and they run off to watch the Hall of the March-meet burn down, with Massimiliano perishing while attempting to save victims of the flame.
Ageutia - Chapter VI - Storms
Wherein politics are wrangled
  • Élentys Paros-daughter approaches the party early in the morning, requesting they both serve as her bodyguard and give testimony against Oigri the Handsome. Achim Nadir persuades the party to do so.
  • When Elentys asks the party what they know about the assassin, she suggests that Rogeri fits the bill.
  • During a large debate in the Hall of the March-meet, including a heated exchange of words with Massimiliano, Paros the Golden announces a need for unity and informs the senate that he will not appoint his daughter as his heir, as there are neither substantial reasons to believe there actually is an assassin nor is such a thing compatible with democracy.
  • During the speeches, Dagrin Tokaast discovers that he is actually Oigri’s cousin, which Red confirms through his book of Oigri’s genealogy.
Ageutia - Chapter V - Revenge and Revolutions
Wherein the assassin strikes again.
  • Following the bills, Achim Nadir winds up in Hinys, outside of Oigri the Handsome’s compound, where the Master of Archers, Massimiliano, informs him that Oigri apparently committed suicide after his goons murdered Servant with a shovel and a fight broke out among them, resulting in them all dying. Oigri drank a vial of dragon bile before dying naked on his bed, surrounded by documents showing his involvement in a conspiracy to overthrow Paros the Golden.
  • Red bluffs his way into the inner chamber and promptly steals the important documents, along with a book containing Oigri’s genealogy (along with some particularly bad poetry), a magical headband, and a potion.
Ageutia - Chapter IV - Second Chances
Wherein more clues are sought and enemies are made.
  • Élentys Paros-daughter meets Achim Nadir at the Foal, giving him an Opinicus Claw and wishing him luck on catching the assassin with a wink. Achim nearly creams himself.
  • Dagrin Tokaast and Red investigate the Palace for clues, eventually discovering through the aid of magic their assassin, who appears to be a dark skinned man of average height and build dressed entirely in black and armed with a crossbow. They also discover that the assassin likely followed them from inside the Palace to attack them.
  • Growing rather cocky, Achim dispenses money liberally, finds out some facts about crossbow bolts, and buys Red some new duds.
  • When Achim, who has become the most popular man in Etent, hears of this he promptly orders the mob of urchins to go find a man of this description. They quickly return with the nearest black man they can find who happens to be a crossbow maker, beating him with sticks, stones, and moldy cabbages.
  • Wondering if they can torture the man, the party brings him to the Inquisitor. Instead, once Oigri the Handsome hears what has happened to this man, who happens to be one of his merchants, he shows up to rescue him and promptly sues the party on charges of ‘brutishness and barbarism.’
  • Achim figures this is a good thing, as it reveals Oigri is somehow involved in a conspiracy. Dagrin is not convinced. All three of them decide to reinvestigate the Landlord’s home. When they reach it, they see a number of bills running by, and Achim decides to follow them.
Ageutia - Chapter III - The Ambuscade
Wherein ambuscaders are ambuscaded.
  • Dagrin Tokaast, Achim Nadir, and Red head off to the Palace. Inspecting the Palace walls and discovering that Hagger was right about a secret entrance in and out of the Sheep’s Tower, they set up an ambuscade there, as it seems to be the only likely place an assassin could move in or out of the Palace.
  • Setting up a good ambuscade, hours nevertheless pass and nothing happens. With dawn coming and the sun almost on the horizon, they decide to leave and get some rest.
  • While walking down a back alley in Etent, Red is suddenly hit in the face with a powerful opiate.
  • Achim is then hit by a crossbow bolt to the arm, and Dagrin is shortly after hit in the throat by a poisoned dart.
  • In the conflict that breaks out, Dagrin is nearly killed from enough poison to kill a bull, while Red hallucinates and sees a strange and long forgotten woman in a cloud of magical fog he summons. No one actually gets a clear view of the assassin for more than a second.
  • As they regroup and prepare a final charge against the assassin, they realize their target has fled entirely. At the same time, the Etent Bills appear, responding to screams of terror from onlookers watching the fight. Achim musters the guard, who seal off Etent and begin a search of the area.
  • Lawren, Captain of the Etent Bills, is highly impressed by the three, but tells them that the Inquisitor / Econ the Golden wishes to speak with them.
  • The Inquisitor informs them that they are acquitted of all crimes and free to go, but before they do shows them a chest full of a freaking ton of a gold and asks them if they would like to track down and capture, kill, or in any other way eliminate the assassin. There is resounding agreement from Achim and Dagrin.
Ageutia - Chapter II - The Investigation
Wherein clues are sought.
  • Looking over the crude map found in the rubble of Achim Nadir’s former apartment, they decide to split up, with Dagrin Tokaast and Servant investigating the Palace for clues, Achim questioning his former Landlord, and Red figuring out what the liquids in the vials are.
  • Dagrin and Servant discover very little at the Palace, but do find a secret door which has not been used in, what Dagrin believes to be, around five years. As well, there is some signs suggesting people have scaled the walls at the Sheep’s Tower with ropes.
  • Achim realizes his former landlord turned him into the authorities to escape blame himself, so Achim begins torturing him to extract information. Unfortunately, before he confesses he dies of a heart attack. Achim grinds his body into sausage and feeds it to street urchins.
  • Red discovers that some of them are various potions, including a potion of invisibility, while some are poisons. He stumbles across Ravenna the Hag, who decides she is more worthy of the task of identifying these liquids than Red. Pleased with this, Red barters a “fertility potion” (actually boiled garlic) to a bookkeeper for a history book on modern Ageutia.
  • All four meeting up at the Foal, Dagrin meets Hagger by chance, and learns more information about the Palace walls. Discovering the identity of the poisons as very dangerous, they decide to set up an ambuscade at the Palace, in the off chance the mysterious killer makes his move that night.
Ageutia - Chapter I - Tremors
Wherein a conspiracy is revealed.
  • A sudden tremor completely destroys the apartment Achim Nadir and Red have been staying in, revealing a number of suspicious vials of liquid, a map of the palace, a strange deck of cards, and numerous other illegal and dangerous items.
  • Taking refuge at the Sterling Foal Inn, they meet up with Dagrin Tokaast and Red brings along Servant, a manogre he happens to know who is a bit of a specialist when it comes to illusion magic, who identifies the deck of cards as a Deck of Illusions.
  • The morning shift of the Etent Bills, including Lawren and Thomas, arrest the party, informing them that they are accused to treason and plotting to assassinate Paros the Golden, and bring them to the Tower of Ageutia, where they must answer to the Inquisitor / Econ the Golden.
  • Doubting their guilt but short on men to investigate the case himself, the Inquisitor orders the party to find evidence which shows who owned these items with a two day deadline.
  • And I mean deadline. Otherwise they’ll be thrown off the Tower to their deaths below.

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