The Marchlandes

Ageutia - Chapter I - Tremors

Wherein a conspiracy is revealed.

  • A sudden tremor completely destroys the apartment Achim Nadir and Red have been staying in, revealing a number of suspicious vials of liquid, a map of the palace, a strange deck of cards, and numerous other illegal and dangerous items.
  • Taking refuge at the Sterling Foal Inn, they meet up with Dagrin Tokaast and Red brings along Servant, a manogre he happens to know who is a bit of a specialist when it comes to illusion magic, who identifies the deck of cards as a Deck of Illusions.
  • The morning shift of the Etent Bills, including Lawren and Thomas, arrest the party, informing them that they are accused to treason and plotting to assassinate Paros the Golden, and bring them to the Tower of Ageutia, where they must answer to the Inquisitor / Econ the Golden.
  • Doubting their guilt but short on men to investigate the case himself, the Inquisitor orders the party to find evidence which shows who owned these items with a two day deadline.
  • And I mean deadline. Otherwise they’ll be thrown off the Tower to their deaths below.



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