The Marchlandes

Ageutia - Chapter II - The Investigation

Wherein clues are sought.

  • Looking over the crude map found in the rubble of Achim Nadir’s former apartment, they decide to split up, with Dagrin Tokaast and Servant investigating the Palace for clues, Achim questioning his former Landlord, and Red figuring out what the liquids in the vials are.
  • Dagrin and Servant discover very little at the Palace, but do find a secret door which has not been used in, what Dagrin believes to be, around five years. As well, there is some signs suggesting people have scaled the walls at the Sheep’s Tower with ropes.
  • Achim realizes his former landlord turned him into the authorities to escape blame himself, so Achim begins torturing him to extract information. Unfortunately, before he confesses he dies of a heart attack. Achim grinds his body into sausage and feeds it to street urchins.
  • Red discovers that some of them are various potions, including a potion of invisibility, while some are poisons. He stumbles across Ravenna the Hag, who decides she is more worthy of the task of identifying these liquids than Red. Pleased with this, Red barters a “fertility potion” (actually boiled garlic) to a bookkeeper for a history book on modern Ageutia.
  • All four meeting up at the Foal, Dagrin meets Hagger by chance, and learns more information about the Palace walls. Discovering the identity of the poisons as very dangerous, they decide to set up an ambuscade at the Palace, in the off chance the mysterious killer makes his move that night.



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