The Marchlandes

Ageutia - Chapter III - The Ambuscade

Wherein ambuscaders are ambuscaded.

  • Dagrin Tokaast, Achim Nadir, and Red head off to the Palace. Inspecting the Palace walls and discovering that Hagger was right about a secret entrance in and out of the Sheep’s Tower, they set up an ambuscade there, as it seems to be the only likely place an assassin could move in or out of the Palace.
  • Setting up a good ambuscade, hours nevertheless pass and nothing happens. With dawn coming and the sun almost on the horizon, they decide to leave and get some rest.
  • While walking down a back alley in Etent, Red is suddenly hit in the face with a powerful opiate.
  • Achim is then hit by a crossbow bolt to the arm, and Dagrin is shortly after hit in the throat by a poisoned dart.
  • In the conflict that breaks out, Dagrin is nearly killed from enough poison to kill a bull, while Red hallucinates and sees a strange and long forgotten woman in a cloud of magical fog he summons. No one actually gets a clear view of the assassin for more than a second.
  • As they regroup and prepare a final charge against the assassin, they realize their target has fled entirely. At the same time, the Etent Bills appear, responding to screams of terror from onlookers watching the fight. Achim musters the guard, who seal off Etent and begin a search of the area.
  • Lawren, Captain of the Etent Bills, is highly impressed by the three, but tells them that the Inquisitor / Econ the Golden wishes to speak with them.
  • The Inquisitor informs them that they are acquitted of all crimes and free to go, but before they do shows them a chest full of a freaking ton of a gold and asks them if they would like to track down and capture, kill, or in any other way eliminate the assassin. There is resounding agreement from Achim and Dagrin.



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