The Marchlandes

Ageutia - Chapter IV - Second Chances

Wherein more clues are sought and enemies are made.

  • √Člentys Paros-daughter meets Achim Nadir at the Foal, giving him an Opinicus Claw and wishing him luck on catching the assassin with a wink. Achim nearly creams himself.
  • Dagrin Tokaast and Red investigate the Palace for clues, eventually discovering through the aid of magic their assassin, who appears to be a dark skinned man of average height and build dressed entirely in black and armed with a crossbow. They also discover that the assassin likely followed them from inside the Palace to attack them.
  • Growing rather cocky, Achim dispenses money liberally, finds out some facts about crossbow bolts, and buys Red some new duds.
  • When Achim, who has become the most popular man in Etent, hears of this he promptly orders the mob of urchins to go find a man of this description. They quickly return with the nearest black man they can find who happens to be a crossbow maker, beating him with sticks, stones, and moldy cabbages.
  • Wondering if they can torture the man, the party brings him to the Inquisitor. Instead, once Oigri the Handsome hears what has happened to this man, who happens to be one of his merchants, he shows up to rescue him and promptly sues the party on charges of ‘brutishness and barbarism.’
  • Achim figures this is a good thing, as it reveals Oigri is somehow involved in a conspiracy. Dagrin is not convinced. All three of them decide to reinvestigate the Landlord’s home. When they reach it, they see a number of bills running by, and Achim decides to follow them.



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