The Marchlandes

Ageutia - Chapter V - Revenge and Revolutions

Wherein the assassin strikes again.

  • Following the bills, Achim Nadir winds up in Hinys, outside of Oigri the Handsome’s compound, where the Master of Archers, Massimiliano, informs him that Oigri apparently committed suicide after his goons murdered Servant with a shovel and a fight broke out among them, resulting in them all dying. Oigri drank a vial of dragon bile before dying naked on his bed, surrounded by documents showing his involvement in a conspiracy to overthrow Paros the Golden.
  • Red bluffs his way into the inner chamber and promptly steals the important documents, along with a book containing Oigri’s genealogy (along with some particularly bad poetry), a magical headband, and a potion.



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