The Marchlandes

Ageutia - Chapter VI - Storms

Wherein politics are wrangled

  • √Člentys Paros-daughter approaches the party early in the morning, requesting they both serve as her bodyguard and give testimony against Oigri the Handsome. Achim Nadir persuades the party to do so.
  • When Elentys asks the party what they know about the assassin, she suggests that Rogeri fits the bill.
  • During a large debate in the Hall of the March-meet, including a heated exchange of words with Massimiliano, Paros the Golden announces a need for unity and informs the senate that he will not appoint his daughter as his heir, as there are neither substantial reasons to believe there actually is an assassin nor is such a thing compatible with democracy.
  • During the speeches, Dagrin Tokaast discovers that he is actually Oigri’s cousin, which Red confirms through his book of Oigri’s genealogy.



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