The Marchlandes

Ageutia - Chapter VII - Prizes

Wherein rewards and betrayals are dealt.

  • Furious, √Člentys Paros-daughter storms off, dragging the party with her.
  • Dagrin Tokaast is showed the Oigri the Handsome‘s will, and discovers that almost all of Oigri’s estate is now his and he is now one of the richest men in Ageutia.
  • Elentys, feeling she can trust Achim Nadir and use him as a pawn in her political games, reveals that she has been the assassin all along, and has been monitoring Achim via the Opinicus Claw she gave him. Unfazed, Achim has sex with her.
  • Dagrin nearly walks in on them doing it, figures out Elentys is up to no good, and discerns that Achim is lying to him (although he doesn’t realize the full extent of it). With that, the party heads off to find this Rogeri fellow and interrogate him.
  • When they reach Rogeri, a sudden cry for fire at the Palace saps their attention, and they run off to watch the Hall of the March-meet burn down, with Massimiliano perishing while attempting to save victims of the flame.



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