The Marchlandes

Chapter VIII - Treason

Wherein the truth is at last exposed to all.

  • The Hall of the March-meet explodes, knocking Achim Nadir unconscious and the party is taken captive by soldiers and thrown into the Tower.
  • While in the Tower, the party is interrogated by the Inquisitor / Econ the Golden for information on the explosion, as he reveals that Élentys Paros-daughter has pronounced the party guilty of treason for having caused the Hall to explode, killing Paros the Golden and most of the city’s senators. Dagrin Tokaast and Achim are questioned separately.
  • Dagrin is informed of how Achim has betrayed him and how he was sold out to advance Elentys’s political agenda (who in turn betrayed the party as it became convenient), causing Dagrin to confess that Oigri was innocent.
  • Achim is tortured using a magical orb which inflicts physical pain when a lie is told, but still refuses to clear the party’s name and states that Elentys is innocent. The Inquisitor is disgusted with Achim, and reveals to the party that he is Paros’s brother, and he knows for a fact that Elentys planned this entire event to seize power. The Inquisitor then begs Dagrin to head immediately towards the Palace to attempt to slip in and kill Elentys before she assumes power.



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