Achim Nadir

aka. Achim the August

Male Human Level 6 Exile Chevalier Lawful Evil
Height: 6’3" Weight: 220lbs Age: 29

HP: 60
AC: 23
Flatfooted: 23
Touch: 10
Spell resistance: None
CMB: 9
CMD: 19

Str 16 (3)
Dex 10 (0)
Con 14 (2)
Int 14 (2)
Wis 12 (1)
Cha 14 (2)

Fort 6
Reflex 1
Will 7

Initiative: +0
Speed: 20’ (30’ base less armor)


Achim fits the classic description of tall dark and handsome. Fit, broad shouldered and muscular, he looks every inch a knight out of legend… and he knows it. His suntanned skin and dark hair are offset by piercing blue eyes. His hair is short and unkempt and he seems to have a permanent three day growth. Those who look closely will notice that his eyes are faintly ringed by dark circles, and his eyes are slightly bloodshot. His face is also a little more wan than one would expect for a man of his fitness.

When out of combat he is usually dressed in somber colored, finely cut clothes and keeps himself meticulously clean. In combat, he is usually knee deep in blood, guts and mud and laughing heartily.

An exile of the western empire’s court, Achim is a victim of his homeland’s game of politics. Despite effectively being a refugee with no land, patron or allies, he seems remarkably jovial and well adjusted, with a quick smile and a cutting sense of humour. While he can come access as snide, arrogant and opinionated, he is also self deprecating, gregarious and oddly endearing. He has a knack of befriending the right people, pissing off the ones he can genuinely afford to and leaving town at just the right moment.

On the surface, he seems happy as a wandering mercenary, eager for the next battle and next town with a dance hall. He is epically uncoordinated at virtually any physical pursuit beyond fighting and dancing, but excels at both of these.

Those who spend time with him in the field naturally fall into step with his lead, but quickly find him to be ruthless, ambitious and willing to do nearly anything to achieve his goals. His only hardline ethics are not to harm women or children – outside of that, there is little he won’t do. Red and Ravenna the Hag are servants of his.

Achim was forced into a tortured, unwanted resistance against √Člentys Paros-daughter, raising a small army from the Bills of Ageutia. When he found her dead by her own hand, Dagrin Tokaast ended Achim for his treachery with a blow to the back with his ax, killing him almost instantly. In the wake of the Night of the Bills, Achim was hailed a hero and martyr for the cause of equality and democracy (which is rather ironic, to be sure, as he resented both things in life) and a large statue of him has been erected in Ageutia on the site of the old gatehouse, not far from where he fell.

Achim Nadir

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