Dagrin Tokaast

aka. Dagrin Darkheart

Male Dwarf Level 6 Ranger Neutral Good
Height: 4’4" Weight: 150lbs Age: 51

HP: 78
AC: 19
Flatfooted: 17
Touch AC: 12
Spell resistance: None
CMB: 8
CMD: 20

STR: 15 (2)
DEX: 14 (2)
CON: 16 (3)
INT: 10 (0)
WIS: 16 (3)
CHA: 8 (-1)

Fort: 8
Ref: 7
Will: 5

Initiative: +2
Speed: 20’


Dagrin is on the taller side for a Dwarf, but not especially so. His skin is tanned, slightly weathered & often a little dirty, thanks to time spent trudging through caves and tunnels. His hair is long & unbraided—adding to his slightly ramshackle appearance—and his beard bears a similar aesthetic.

Dark green eyes, a square jaw and broad cheeks round out his face, and he takes to wearing earthy tones: a dark green cloak, brown fabrics covering his chain shirt & a scarf of similar color his neck. He bears a simple gold ring on his right hand.

From an Oeftine family of smiths & labourers, Dagrin was born into a family that he strove to be better than (often to the point of arrogance). His childhood, like that of most Dwarves in his community, was rigid and strict, and this certainly dictates his manner. He is impatient, oft-arrogant and gruff, but he is also insightful, and prefers to lead (even if others wish that he didn’t). Dagrin often works as a scribe & guide, is particularly at home in caves & woodlands, and has a fancy for Dwarven myths, despite not being overtly religious.

Stereotypically for a Dwarf, he is motivated by gold, gems & other things of monetary worth. Fame is a driver for many of the things he does, from the maps that he sells (he takes special pride in this craft), to finding the shortest (if not always the safest) routes through mountain passes and misty valleys. He will rarely pass over a job if it means a reward.

His murder of Achim Nadir was pardoned under unexplained circumstances behind closed doors by the Inquisitor, but the freemen of Ageutia banished him from the city anyhow, where he removed himself to the seclusion of Oigri the Handsome’s old vineyards of Nani Vigneto outside of Cean.

Dagrin Tokaast

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