Élentys Paros-daughter

Beautiful and ruthless daughter of Paros the Golden.


Female Human


Daughter of Paros the Golden, Dictator of All Ageutia, and heir apparent to the House of Gold, she is easily the most desirable woman in Ageutia, if not all the Marchlandes. After learning about Achim Nadir, she decided to meet him, and seems to have a natural attraction to him.

After using the party to put herself in a favorable political position, she revealed to Achim that she is the assassin. Achim was not bothered by this, and betrayed the rest of the party to protect her. She then destroyed the Hall of the March-meet in a dramatic move, killing her father and most of the senators of the city, blamed the event on Achim, and used public sympathy to proclaim herself Dictator-for-Life.

Even after ordering the execution of the party, Achim still refused to reveal her identity to the Inquisitor / Econ the Golden; his code of honor not allowing him to bring harm to a woman. Despite this, the Sterling Three were released from the Tower by the Inquisitor, her uncle, who know how evil she truly was and how she must be destroyed. Forming a small army from all their contacts Dagrin and Achim marched on her, and when certain defeat seemed inevitable she killed herself.

Following her death, she has been given various epithets, the most common being the Whore of Liberty. When democracy was reestablished in Ageutia, the freemen voted to forever ban all women from political life, citing Élentys’s evil.

Élentys Paros-daughter

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