Oigri the Handsome

An adept dwaven merchant and politician.


Male Dwarf.


Although born in Oeft, being the handsomest dwarf in Ageutia—if not the handsomest man entirely—combined with his natural charms and abilities as an orator has made him a wildly successful businessman and organizer of merchant unions. In turn this has won him the right of Ageutian citizenship and launched him into politics as a staunch opponent of the free-trade favoring Paros the Golden, promoting himself as the champion of isolationist, mercantile policies.

He is known as Pretty-boy Oigri by his enemies, who once conspired to destroy his career and good looks by splashing acid in his face.

After a run in with the party and announcing his intention to sue them, he was found dead a few hours later, lying naked on his bed surrounded by documents which clearly indite him of plotting a coup against Paros, though the papers were all forgeries made by √Člentys Paros-daughter. He died from apparently drinking dragon bile, which also happened to be one of the poisons found at the rubble of Achim Nadir’s old apartment.

The party slandered his name as the request of Elentys, and he has been vilified by the public as a monster against Ageutia.

By chance, however, Red uncovered the fact that Oigri is in fact Dagrin Tokaast‘s cousin, and as such Dagrin inherited Oigri’s estate via his will.

Oigri the Handsome

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