aka. Rosso Magnifico, Red the Wise, Red the Mysterious, the Man of Roses, Red the Grey, the Mist-born

Male Human Level 5 Expert (3) / Rogue (1) / Sorcerer (1) Chaotic Neutral
Height: 5’7" Weight: 120lbs Age: 47

HP: 38
AC: 11
Flatfooted: 10
Touch AC: 11
Spell resistance: None
CMB: 1
CMD: 12

STR: 7 (-2)
DEX: 12 (1)
CON: 9 (-1)
INT: 20 (5)
WIS: 8 (-1)
CHA: 12 (1)

Fort: 1
Ref: 3
Will: 6

Initiative: +1
Speed: 30’


Red is slightly shorter than average, with an unusually thin, gaunt appearance. His face shows not only signs of age, but also of ill health, or at least a history of it. His eyes, while sunken are perpetually alert and often in motion, and contain always a spark of understanding. Red never appears surprised or befuddled. His scalp is bald and smooth, and usually covered by a simple, round cloth cap. He has a ragged, thin beard that ends in a near-point beneath his chin. He dresses in simple clothes, most of which are old, tearing, and with a few stains of dirt.

Nobody really knows too much of Red’s family history, and nobody really knows if Red actually knows too much either. In truth, he has no recollection of ever growing up with parents or siblings, and from the age of about 10 (at his oldest estimations) he has lived on his own. It is not even known if Red is his given name, or simply one he chose for himself, either because he
liked the sound or, as some have posited, he found himself one day wearing red garments and thought his name should match. He has never known luxury or wealth of any kind, and throughout his life has always lived somewhere in between complete destitution and mere subsistence earning. He has traveled extensively but seems to remember little of the physical attributes of his travels, being quite inept with directions, landmarks, or geography of any kind. He has spent much time homeless.

Despite this aloofness towards almost all practical knowledge, Red often surprises others with his vast stores of knowledge regarding all things obscure, arcane, and historical. Some of this was amassed during the ten years Red spent working in the Archives of Oissy. His primary duties were the rebinding of deteriorated books, but he spent much of his time reading and remembering.

Because his life, beginning in childhood, has consisted of a consistent struggle to survive with limited means and with minimal help, Red has a strict individualistic survival instinct. He has developed a penchant for lying, to conceal both his motives and the few hard-and-fast facts about his life that exist. Over the years this truthbending has become less a practical tool and more a habit, a simple fact of his correspondence with others, and a fact over which he has no apparent moral misgivings. Anyone who has spent significant time with him has learned of his dishonesty, though occasionally this has led to people discarding the truthful and accurate things he says as lies as well, a deserved boy who cried wolf. For a time he traveled with a circus, having made them believe he had a rare and wonderful talent which never manifested itself. Beyond the calculated lie of opportunity, Red has been known to make more fantastic claims hinting at perhaps mental instability. Accounts of events that never took place or occurred hundreds of years ago and delusions of planar travel occasionally inhabit Red’s idle chatter.

Red has survived quite a few winters in less-than-fortunate circumstances, leading a few people to wonder if he possesses some Arcane or Divine abilities. Red denies this, though in truth there is a strain of demon blood in his family tree that he is unaware of and has not knowingly exploited or expanded. Red has no honed combat skills, possessing only a Rusty Dagger with which to defend himself. He is more often seen idly stroking his beard with it than using it in combat.

Red has recently come under the employ, as a manservant, of the exiled chevalier Achim Nadir, whose moral character and past history are of no concern to him. For the time being, Red is quite pleased with his lot, no longer having to vex himself over such concerns as finding food and shelter.


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