An aged manogre exploring the world for the first time.

Male Manogre Level 5 Conjurer True Neutral
Height: 7’6" Weight: 250lbs Age: 32

HP: 40
AC: 10
Flatfooted: 10
Touch: 10
Spell resistance: None

Str 14 (2)
Dex 10 (0)
Con 12 (1)
Int 18 (5)
Wis 10 (0)
Cha 12 (1)

Fort 2
Reflex 1
Will 4

Initiative: +0
Speed: 30’


Servant would appear to be, in a modern day sense, the equivalent of a really tall, toned basketball player. He has no facial hair nor hair on his head and he much prefers it that way. When possible, Servant prefers to be as modestly dressed as possible as he doesn’t wish to stand out more than he already does. Even if he had hair, it’s likely he would constantly shave to get rid of it as learning how to properly “groom” yourself was something that didn’t get a big priority growing up and people who focus exclusively on that come off as strange to Servant. He isn’t filthy or dirty at all and he does try and maintain a level of cleanliness as he has deemed that necessary to aid when fitting in when possible.

Early life as a Half-Ogre is never an easy thing. Servant never knew either of his parents, nor does he have any information concerning his birth or the circumstances.

His earlist memories are of being raised in a circus. He was originally enslaved as a workhorse but over the years they recognized Servant had a much higher intelligence than average over the normal Half-Ogre stock. A few of the circus workers starting teaching him the basics of magic and taught him small, cheap tricks for amusement to assist in shows when he wasn’t helping with anything relating to physical labor. But, that focus means he’s somewhat weaker and less stockier than his breathern and led to many beatings over the years.

Eventually, his limited Arcane knowledge from training and his sneaking away for more studies (which led to more beatings) granted him the knowledge and ability to escape this life, so he did. After a few years of drifting and barely scraping by he accepted a job as a Wizard’s bodyguard. The Wizard quickly picked up on Servant’s aptitude and, being rather impressed by it given his heritage, decided to train Servant further as time went on. As time went on, his Mentor realized that Servant needed to see the world some, to find himself and see things through his own eyes so he released him from his duties for a time to return once Servant saw fit. He gave Servant a small bonus in which to live off of while he was away.

He keeps the name Servant because it’s simply the only thing he knows and it’s the only thing he’s ever been called. He has no idea of his family on either side, or any of his heritage beyond that so taking a “Human” or “Ogre” name simply feels empty to him. Being a servant is how he has come to identify himself and his place in the world so it’s his name, his title and his being all wrapped up in one.

Servant’s head was caved in by a shovel in the Estate of Oigri the Handsome by hired goons. It was his death that tipped off Massimiliano that Oigri was preparing to commit treason.


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