Aegis of the Coq


Steel Heavy Shield +2

The Aegis of the Coq can function as Achim’s banner, with a limited range of 30’ if he chooses not to carry a proper banner or pennant into the field.


The symbol of his bastard order is Achim Nadir’s pride and joy. All his equipment is well tended, but it is clear that his shield receives extra love and attention. The glorious bantam rooster, the mighty Coq, has been gilded on to the boss in agonizing detail. Scuffed and scarred by many a battle, it still struts a proud and rampant gold against a field of azure.

The name and nature of the heraldry cause many to laugh, Achim among them, but it is a symbol that successfully manages to evoke pride and camaraderie.

Aegis of the Coq

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