Blade of the Dog Lord

Achim's hated family heirloom.

weapon (melee)

Bastard Sword +1


Originally commissioned by Achim Nadir’s maternal grandfather, the “Dog Lord”, so named for his fondness of his hunting hounds, but also his resemblance to them (in his latter years by stench as much as appearance). The design of the blade is simple and utilitarian, the crossguard and hilt are gauche and odious, overly elaborate to the point that Achim often feels nauseous when he cleans his weapon.

Those with little knowledge of weapons, or little taste, may find such a display pleasing, much to the current owners chagrin. Much like it’s original owner, it serves a need and a purpose that makes it’s ugliness tolerable. Given a viable alternative, Achim would probably toss this sword off a cliff, or into a midden heap.

Blade of the Dog Lord

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