Blodthigne's witch-eye


Bindi of Vast Intelligence +2, Perception


A witch-eye is a small circular mark placed on the forehead between the eyebrows of a woman of outsider status in the rural Marchlandes (slaves, prostitutes, soldiers, ex-nuns, etc., and of course, actual witches). The original purpose of a witch-eye is to create a literal third eye which grants the witch extraordinary, arcane powers (obviously only real witches have such a witch-eye; other women merely have a speck of pigment). While a witch-eye can be of any color, pure white (made from zinc) is one of the most common, and against Blodthigne’s unearthly pale skin it is virtually indetectable (DC 18). Her witch-eye aids in her perception, and by closing both her eyes and concentrating, she is capable of seeing through her witch-eye (though it gives no bonus to do so). When using certain spells, hexes, or other powers related to vision, her witch-eye flashes to a blood red color. Watching this occur is quite unsettling and even terrifying (so much so that low level commoner NPCs must make a DC 15 or become panicked and attempt to flee).


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