Tag: Highmoor


  • Hoort

    A chain of three volcanoes separates the [[Highmoor]] from the [[Lowmoor]]. Of the volcanoes, Hoort is both the largest and the only one which is still active.

  • Highmoor

    A series of moors along the River Dans along the east [[Ufden]], north of [[Ageutia]]. The Highmoor is cut off from the Lowmoor by [[Hoort|a chain of volcanoes]]. Unlike the Lowmoor, there are very few people who live in the Highmoor, as the land is …

  • Corwinn's Cairn

    One of the three volcanoes which divides the [[Highmoor]] from the [[Lowmoor]]. It is the smallest of the three and long dormant. The town of [[Brederic]] lies fairly near it.

  • Brederic

    A small town in the [[Highmoor]].

    The Marche of Brederic was once a thriving, if isolated, country state unto itself owing only nominal fealty to the City of Ageutia. Even in the days it belonged to Ardune, it was seen as mostly remote, …

  • Blodthigne

    Svelte, slender, and graceful are words one could use to describe Blodthigne. Or, if one is willing to call it what it is, scrawny and frail. Having spent her entire life scavenging and living in the wild, Blodthigne has virtually no fat on her body, …