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  • Hoort

    A chain of three volcanoes separates the [[Highmoor]] from the [[Lowmoor]]. Of the volcanoes, Hoort is both the largest and the only one which is still active.

  • Highmoor

    A series of moors along the River Dans along the east [[Ufden]], north of [[Ageutia]]. The Highmoor is cut off from the Lowmoor by [[Hoort|a chain of volcanoes]]. Unlike the Lowmoor, there are very few people who live in the Highmoor, as the land is …

  • Lowmoor

    So named for its long, gently sloping hills, the Lowmoor is divided by [[Hoort|a series of volcanoes]] from the rugged [[Highmoor]]. Though desolate by any rural farming standards, it has largely been tamed and transformed by shepherds and orchard …