The primary city of the Marchlandes and, as the seat of the March-meet which begins each year on November 1st, the de facto capital. It is currently facing tensions within in the city from dissenters opposed to Paros the Golden, the recently appointed Dictator of All Ageutia, as well as the constant external threat of an orc assault. It is picturesquely situated atop a steep hill in the middle of the Elmswell, a vast forest of elm trees, near the River Dans. The city is currently levying some of it’s militia to assist Skygar in a military campaign against the orcs.

Anrtin Ates Enchliss Engus
Erot Etent Hinys Treend

Map of Ageutia

Important Landmarks

  • The Palace: Where Paros the Golden lived, as well as the city’s castle, donjon, archives, and a number of other important sites to both Ageutia and the Marchlandes as a whole. There is a cunningly hidden door in the walls near the Sheep’s Tower which Hagger revealed to Dagrin Tokaast. The Hall of the March-meet, former symbolic heart of the Marchlandes, was destroyed in an explosion conducted by √Člentys Paros-daughter, killing her father and most of the senators of the city.
  • The Tower of Ageutia: An imposing tower which dominates the city’s skyline, nominally used as a prison, all state executions are preformed by hurling victims from the top of the tower to the marketplace below. The Chancellor runs the city’s judicial system out of the Tower, assisted by the Inquisitor / Econ the Golden and the Keeper of Seals.


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