The Marchlandes


Each march has a capital, known as its march-seat, which rules over the surrounding countryside (even if somewhat nominally). Each march-seat meets with the others each year in the annual March-meet, held in Ageutia.

Ageutia Atitia Delf Endhis
Fenthal Meedhal Oisa Onesien
Ouska Oust Ostlof Ostpol
Ruic Stroes


Three different groups of Dwarves dwell in the Marchlandes along the northern mountainous Walls. Over the years these Dwarf-towns have integrated themselves successfully into the Marchlandes, and with the crusades against the orc the Dwarves have become fully equal to the human dominated marches.

Skygar Asy Oeft

The Ufden

The Ufden (meaning Owl-den in Elf-speech) is a vast and mostly untamed wilderness of thick forests made of primeval trees. Although nominally under the domain of Ageutia, few people call this area home beyond the elves, who live in a small region of the forest, and are the only elves to be found in all the Marchlandes.

Treegate The Last Good House Dwarf House Brederic
Innoðscæf Geanedcynn Little Ufden Greater Ufden
Eotonweard Highmoor Lowmoor Hoort

The Kingdom of Ardune

The great kingdom to the west from which the Marchlandes rebelled against over a century ago. Following the establishment, the border has been closed and (in theory at least) no one from the Marchlandes is allowed to enter Ardune. It has a number of large cities and vast feudal plantations, but very little facts are known about these places by Marchlanders.



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