Exiled Chevalier

Exiled Chevalier

Level Special
1st Challenge 1/day, Inspire Courage 1/Day, Bastard Arms: Order in Exile, Bastard’s Bane, tactician

2nd Order ability

3rd Banner

4th Challenge 2/day, Inspire Courage 2/Day

5th Bonus feat, Leadership

6th Bannerman

7th Challenge 3/day, Inspire Courage 3/Day

8th Order ability, Echoes of my Fathers

9th Greater tactician

10th Challenge 4/day, Inspire Courage 4/Day Bonus feat

11th The Grave is No Bar to My Call

12th Demanding challenge

13th Challenge 5/day

14th Greater banner

15th Order ability, Bonus feat

16th Challenge 6/day

17th Master tactician

18th Supreme Challenge

19th Challenge 7/day

20th Bonus feat,

Just to elaborate on what’s different:

Bastard Arms:
The Exiled Chevalier once belonged to an order of Cavaliers. Upon his exile, me may no longer bear the arms or symbol of his order, but must choose one of his own. This is usually a close variant on what his order once was (the cockatrice often becomes the coq, the lion the leopard, the griffon the manticore, the dragon the basilisk, etc). It may also have some other significance, whether familial or personal, to the Chevalier. He gains all of the bonuses of his old order, but also suffers an affliction (madness or additction) as a result of his personal shame.

Bastard’s Bane:
At 1st level, the Exiled Chevalier must choose one form madness or addiction from the approved list. He must bear the burden of this affliction indefinitely, unless he undergoes a process of achieving peace with his former life, usually dedicating himself to a new cause in the process. If the Chevalier does not find this inner peace, me must bear this affliction until the end of his days.

Inspire Courage (as per the Bard ability)

A 1st level EC can use his voice to inspire courage in his allies (including himself), bolstering them against fear and improving their combat abilities, whether through a battlecry, song, chant, or any other sort of verbal exhortation. To be affected, an ally must be able to hear the EC’s voice (generally within 60’). An affected ally receives a +1 morale bonus on saving throws against charm and fear effects and a +1 competence bonus on attack and weapon damage rolls. At 5th level, and every six EC levels thereafter, this bonus increases by +1, to a maximum of +4 at 17th level. Inspire courage is a mind-affecting ability. The Chevalier’s Inspire Courage can use audible components only. The inspiration lasts 4 rounds +1 per 3 Exiled Chevalier levels.


At Sixth Level, the Exiled Chevalier may choose one companion, cohort or follower to designate as his bannerman or standard bearer. So long as this character bears his banner in the field, it has the exact same effect as if the Exiled Chevalier were using it.

Echo of my Fathers

Even when the chevalier’s inspiration ends, the effects linger on in his companions. For five rounds beyond when the Chevalier’s inspiration is over, his companions still gain the benefits of the bonus (including the Chevalier).

This has the effect of the inspiration lingering should the Chevalier fall in combat or be disabled. If the Exiled Chevalier is silenced, held, incapacitated or even killed, his inspiration lingers on and sustains his companions for another 5 rounds beyond that point.

The Grave is no Bar to My Call

At 11th Level, the Exiled Chevalier’s Inspiration becomes powerful enough that even companions upon death’s door will be called back into the fray. Any companion, cohort or follower on the field reduced to less than 1 HP immediately stabilises, as though they had the Diehard feat, and remains conscious. They may take a move equivalent action without inuring themselves further, or a standard action at the cost of -1 HP. Those already with the Diehard feat may take a standard action with no loss of HP, or a Full Round Action at the cost of -1HP.

Supreme Challenge

When the Chevalier issues his challenge, it now carries the weight and authority of a knight commander. Any creature the Chevalier issues a challenge against must make a will save vs 10 + half his class level + his charisma modifier. Any enemy who fails suffers a -4 penalty to AC against both the Chevalier and his allies, -2 to all saves, and any critical hit against this foe is automatically confirmed. If the creature makes its save, the normal effects of challenge still apply.

Exiled Chevalier

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