Expressions and Idioms

The Marchlandes has numerous expressions and idioms. Here is a list of the most common ones, organized by subject:


  • The only deal better than a deal with gold is a deal with blood. – An Oeftine expression, illustrating the closeness and importance of kinship amongst Oeftines.


  • Father’s balls – The most common exclamation of disbelief and displeasure for any unexpected and/or unwanted event. There are many variations on the theme, such as Father’s bloody balls, or less common, evocations of the Mother; Mother’s hairy minge (those with the Mother are considered particularly foul due to their sacrilegious nature).
  • Na beard! – Another exclamation of disbelief, functioning the same as exclaiming “bullshit!” It comes from the Dwarf-speak expression meaning “That’s no beard!” and is common in dwarven lands or anywhere with a dwarven presence.
  • Stubble – An expression for something which is trivial; That’s stubble. It operates the same as saying “That’s rubbish.” Though originally spoken by dwarves, and is so popular it is commonly used all across the Marchlandes.


  • Dwarfed – Drunk.


  • Bill – The city guards of Ageutia are armed with state-issued bills, which has given them this popular nickname, so much so that the guards are ubiquitously referred to as bills save for only the most formal occasions. A female bill is a billie. See: Cock and Balls.


  • Cock and Balls – The bills of Ageutia are armed with state-issued daggers with hilts of the kidney type, somewhat resembling two large testicles, and thus are frequently called cock and balls, or dicks; “Think you’re a big man, do you? Waving your dick around in my face!” See: Bill.
  • Father’s Eve – The night of a full moon.

Expressions and Idioms

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