So, there’s the Father, a massive naked man armed with weapons and a shield. The spear in his right hand is Lightning, and it is, well, lightning. When thrown it instantly returns to his hand so that he can throw it again. The sword at his belt is Thunder, and when he draws it the sword creates a deafening boom.

His chariot, which is made of iron and it’s wheels flash with lightning—the commotion it creates by simply traveling is the source of all powerful storms and tornadoes—is piloted by Death and pulled by a massive goat named Gnarler (Death is human sized, for some scale). Flying next to him are his two ravens, Gnawer and Gnasher.

Gnarler the goat is known as He-Who-Eats-Up-Time, while Gnawer is He-Who-Sees-The-Past and Gnasher is He-Who-See-The-Future. Gnawer feasts on what has happened, while Gnasher picks at things that will come, and both fly across the entire world collecting the seconds in their mouths. At the end of each day they return and feed time to Gnarler, and so the world ages.

Death of course rides with them, wearing a suit of flayed skin which must be made by worshipers of the Father once a month. Obviously that’s pretty Aztec sounding, but it seems like an appropriate Death.

I’m also making the cosmology pretty simple. I see no reason for having a billion planes for various alignments and such. So I’m reducing it down to the real world and the Otherworld. Call the real world what you want, I’ll probably just say the World until I come up with a better name. Prime Material Plane is about the dumbest name ever, and is as exciting as calling a velociraptor a Big-Clawed Cespitose Dromaeosaurid. Anyhow, the Father exclusively lives in the Otherworld, and cannot come to the World at all, whereas the Mother lives in the World and cannot ever go to the Otherworld. But his powers are strong enough to influence the World, and so death and time obviously function there as well. Going off the Celts, time can operate differently in the Otherworld, so travel there can be a bit of a gamble.


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