The Geanedcynn (meaning the United Kin, or the Kin Made One in Elf-speech) is more commonly known as Elf-land to the Marchlandes, for this is the only place where elves still live their lives uninterrupted from the outside world.

The name Geanedcynn is a misnomer, as there is nothing united about the elves. Divided into eight clans (and dozens of smaller septs, or sub-clans), the elves are constantly in war and conflict with one another, though given the temperament and longevity of elves, the conflict is usually ritual and actually fighting is rather rare (livestock raids and the like are the most common instance of conflict).

Centuries ago the elves were once united under one king, but a civil war broke out amongst them and the rifts have only grown wider with the passing of time. Though the elves do not tell outsiders details of how the war began, it is rooted to a succession crisis, with the current result of eight different men from eight different clans all claiming the same crown.

While not foreboding and dark like the Innoðscæf, Elf-land is not a safe place for outsiders to travel through, and those passing through it are advised to never leave the Western Road which snakes through Elf-land. While the clans are not inherently hostile to outsiders, they are all to willing to capture or trick them into being fodder and pawns in their battles with the other clans.


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